Axioo: Donny Wu
May 29, 2018    |   By Donny
Dream A Little Dream
courtesy of Laura & Andrew

Many times our photographers get into the battlefield with not much an idea about how the elements would be. While Bali is blessed with sunny days all year round, sometimes there’s always a chance of showers, strong winds, extreme heat or even too much sun. When the event lasts all throughout evening, there’s also the challenge of lighting to consider.


But instead of being discouraged or fearful, they are the things that get our creative juices flowing. And our best motivation is simple : the couple.


While we start our day normal, we get pumped by thinking how our couple starts theirs. Days building up to your most special day is exciting, but the big day itself is beyond remarkable. You wake up feeling different, but the good kind of different. The time ticks at a slightly faster pace in your world, the euphoria runs in your veins, and you just can’t seem to stop smiling; These are all normal symptoms of a typical morning for any to-be-wed couple.


Having the privilege to document wedding events is immense. While the responsibility is huge and the hours are long, we often leave the set wanting for more. There’s an urge to continue, to fill our virtual storage with flashes of colors, sights and sounds. Our cameras are hungry for that high emotion, that cheerful crowd and the sweet couple displaying the sincerest and purest form of love.


Maybe in a sense, photographers are all addicts- at least it’s true in our case. For Axioo photographers, we are proud LOVE addicts with the best kind of drugs too. Imagine a day where everything intensifies and moves to inspire you, now tell us, how can you not be in awe of such truly beautiful presence of love?


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