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Sep 19, 2019    |   By Adi
Classic & Personalized
courtesy of Matthew & Monique

Marriage rate may be declining worldwide, but here in the island of paradise, we have no shortage of merry occasions. Prewedding sessions, engagements, love unions and romantic celebrations of all kinds happen everyday, as sure as the sun rises in the East.


This begs one question that needs an answer, or the very least, attention : How do you create a wedding that is different than the rest? Each couple is unique and their story is significant of course, but how do you craft an event that really speaks of who you are as a couple, and still does even for generations to come.


For Matthew and Monique, they answered that question ever so elegantly by getting a very personal, highly intimate and superbly classic celebration of their own. No details went unnoticed as every room was decorated in delicate white flowers, small mementos, and joyous mood.


The bride opted to wear her hair down and as she change from her relaxed embroidered white robe into a figure-hugging wedding gown, a vision was born. Accompanied by the bridesmaid in equally beautiful royal blue dresses, the day was off to a splendid start. Matthew certainly didn’t know what hit him as his gorgeous bride walked down the aisle arms-in-arms with her father.


Overlooking the vast ocean, the ceremony then took place in a beautiful wooden platform in the presence of a handful of guests. Serene and intimate as it happened, our couple sealed a kiss as applause and shower petals erupted to usher them into a more festive mood.


Already waiting for everyone was a dreamy white venue not too far away. In the garden still overlooking the same sweeping ocean, a classic arrangement of table with white flowers, hanging chandeliers, and green foliage would come alive as the evening kicked in.


What’s so special about the wedding of Matthew and Monique is the level of intimacy that was consistently there from the beginning. We love how that day was essentially about them and the people close to them, present or not, in the most endearing way. That’s how weddings truly should be, personalized for your own enjoyment so that you can remember it - just as how you designed it to be.


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