Sep 28, 2017
Celebration 1. Celebration 2.

It is very obvious that in Axioo, we are repetitively celebrating dreams and glorifying passions. It is because our team is full of the cream. The bright. The sharp. The ambitious. For fifteen years, we have maintained an influential presence in Indonesian wedding photography industry, and no, we don’t have any plan to stop rolling with that.


Five years ago, we opened our door in Bali, initiating a massive wedding photographer migration to the island, injecting more colours to the competition. Today, we are confidently moving forward and taking our business to the third round. We are plotting another dot on the map. In the land where Hugh Jackman sips his manly coffee and the Crocodile Hunter once pet a bunny. In the land where chill people eat Maccas and have a barbie in their backyard. In the land of snuggly koalas and hirsute kangaroos. There is no place as such other than Australia.


But we’re not setting up our base in the outback, of course. We’re gonna be based in Sydney. Where the air is crisp, sidewalks are nice, and the cherries are sweet. We’re coming Down Under. We are super pumped and would celebrate this all night tonight, because this means, there will be no more travel fee attached to our price list should you wish to have a photo session with us in Sydney, and only small domestic charges are applied for the rest of the cities in the continent.


Along with that, we have another thing to celebrate: our Australian-based photographer, Dodo. Fresh and young, easy-going and silly. You’ll laugh often when he’s around, without realising that fantastic snapshots of you are being taken by him. Dodo masters the art of creating comfortable vibe, and he elaborates it with sharp photography skill. With those in hands, he definitely will create arrays of timeless and honest photos that would be enjoyed for generations.


Dodo’s passion in photography first sprouted when he was in high school, and was introduced to wedding photography by Adi. Since then, he has been endlessly exploring many different kind of techniques and styles, while artfully crafting his own unique style. He left his hometown and his architecture school for the sake of pursuing his dreams. The mixture of Dodo’s warm charm, relentless passion, sharp eye, and unique style will definitely guide you through a rich journey of lightings, shapes, patterns, and emotions. We are truly honoured to have him joining our team. Check out and follow @axioo.australia on Instagram to dig more of Dodo’s outstanding works.


That being said, it means if our photographers are fingers then now we’d have two hands. If they are measuring units then now we’d have a metric system. If they are pins, then they are now qualified to be on a bowling lane. Ten is indeed a beautiful number. And at this point, it sounds really good to us.


Powered by 10 brilliant and gritty photographers, Axioo's trinity is out in full force from Jakarta, Bali, and now Sydney.






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