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Dec 05, 2018    |   By Will
Blissful Tropical Dream
courtesy of Michael & Jemma

You don’t need to know the history or the details of their story, but we’re pretty confident to say that you’ll feel the utter bliss and joy that Michael and Jemma shared on their wedding day- through this gallery.


You don’t need to have had the pleasure of her friendship, but you’d say that Jemma the bride looked every bit like a dream herself. Making Michael, a darn good looking fella himself, the luckiest man alive on their wedding day.


You don’t need to have been present at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort, but it’s as if the warm breeze swept through your hair and faces as mother nature herself smiled down on them, and along this bunch of gorgeous people in attendance.


You don’t even need to hear the audio as Jemma and Michael exchanged their vows in front of everyone they loved, because we can tell you it’s as moving as it is heartfelt and true in their own rights.


You also don’t need to have attended their evening reception, as these pics will show you just how festive, warm, and intimate it was - complete with props, lighting, and table settings that had been the meticulous artwork prepared for the lovebirds.


You just need to do one thing, and one thing only. It is to enjoy these pics we have here, smile as you scroll along, and know that in the middle of real life, a truly wonderful piece of love story was celebrated and encapsulated for eternity.


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