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Feb 20, 2019    |   By Will
Blissful Summer Dream
courtesy of Aminul & Linda

Some weddings are grand, some weddings are simple, and some just fit perfectly right in the middle - much like the one Linda and Aminul’s special event with us.


We loved every bit of this wedding because of each little dreamy details. There’s Linda the casual-yet-fancy bride with her hair down, body hugging mermaid dress, and her troops of equally lovely bridesmaids. She glowed the brightest marking her as the queen of the hours on this eventful day.


Decked in soft grey tuxedos, Aminul and gank looked just as dashing. He is tall, handsome and has this sort of boyish charm about him. And often we would catch him staring endearingly to his bride, even shedding tears when she walked down the aisle.


The summer Bali breeze blew us away with its warmth, the sun generously provided its golden ray, and the nature just sang a melodious tune as if coming together to celebrate the union of this beautiful couple.


As day turned to night, we arrived at a posh venue to further witness more adoration and love poured out for Linda and Aminul. The main stage glistened, the lighting radiated, the table settings staged with dreamy vibes, and laughters were the nicest songs we heard all through the evening.


Congratulations once again Aminul and Linda for your wedding. Such dream, such bliss right here at Bali. We’d be so lucky to document another one, just like yours.


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