Axioo: Donny Wu
Oct 05, 2017    |   By Donny
Bewitched. Bejeweled. Beloved.
courtesy of Zach & Zera

One of the biggest and greatest privileges of being humans is our ability to feel. In our encyclopedic range of emotions, there are some negative feelings, some positive, and the best kind- euphoric feelings.


Falling in love exposes you to all of those emotions. One minute you’re up and the next you’re down. This rollercoaster of emotions, I suppose, is good. It makes you feel that you’re alive and it’s thrilling to have that ride with someone you love by your side. You’re bewitched and voluntarily surrender into it.


A marriage though, is about stability. There will be no longer playing games of endless questioning, nor will it be all about just the excitement or the thrill. When two people decide to settle down, it means they are really to brace what may be and set sail into the calm waters of familiarity.


To some, it sounds boring - scary even. But to those who are brave and fortunate enough, they are actually beginning a next phase of an even more rewarding journey. Sure, it’s not about butterflies in the tummy, because you’ve traded that with confidence. There’ll be just one person, but it will be about a lifetime of love with its multiple distinct layers. Different each and every moment.


So when you’ve met the right person, settle down. You’re not stopping, you’re really just getting started.


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