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Apr 06, 2018    |   By Donny
Better Than Fairytales Combined
courtesy of Drew & Emily

Emily is the definition of the perfect main character - lean, long blonde hair, and a beautiful face with a smile that instantly lighten up your mood. She is the muse that every photographer would be lucky to have and the bride that an even luckier guy could possess.


Centered by her equally stunning bride squad, Emily looked flawless on her wedding day. While she waited, Drew was on the other end preparing his best self before meeting the woman of her dream down the aisle.


So picture this, a picture perfect couple teamed with great looking bridesmaid and bestmen for a day of paradise in Bali. We knew from the beginning, something special was cooking- but still, we’re blown away by the generous display of love, support and just total affection everyone had for Emily and Drew.


At the face of this immense emotions, we couldn’t help but think that sometimes life can be stranger yet sweeter than fiction. Through all our ups and downs, life is always bringing us up to moments of immeasurable pure happiness. A wedding it such case when all joy peaks from all corners of the universe towards one event. Fleeting moments like these remind us how important it is to eternalize each and every minute for keepsake.


For Emily and Drew, we’re certain that their story continues on. By the time this snippet of writing is published, they must have gone on various stories in the making. For that, we wish them well in their life chapters. We just know that their story is going to be better than all your normal happily ever after.


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