Jun 06, 2016
Balinese Women

Staying at home, raising children while cooking, sewing and doing other house chores, those are the things that makes a woman woman… not. At least not for Balinese women.


When you come to Bali, you will see many Balinese women working as hard as the men. Sometimes, it may look like they even work harder than most of the men. They run shops, work as construction workers, carrying various things on their heads, from ceremonies' offerings to stacks of bricks.


Some people blame the patrilineal system, and accuse that women in Bali are being exploited. But the truth is, Balinese women are simply tough and independent beings. They take care of their families not only by being a housewife, but also sharing the responsibility of being the breadwinner of the family.


Since they were kids, they were often taught that it's humiliating if their parents-in-law say this phrase: "Sekad cening dini, ludes kesugihan bapane telahang ceding,” which translates to, "Since you are here, I have nothing else because you have used up all my wealth."


They were taught not to be a burden for their husband and in-laws, therefore being hardworkers, as we can see everyday.


May peace always be bestowed upon us,


Axioo Bali.


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