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Feb 07, 2019    |   By Adi
Authentic Modern-Oriental Mood
courtesy of Ting & Nasen

No argument here. The wedding of Ting and Nassen will go down as one of our most memorable one yet!


For starter, the couple picked the wonderful Chinese wedding tradition to seal their love. While it was not our first traditional wedding, it’s certainly one of the most vibrant, superbly rich and heartfelt ceremonies we’ve ever witnessed in a while.


Needless to say, we couldn’t get enough of their set-up get-ups, simple and subtle as they may be. Minimalism was the key but you’d agree that the costumes were super expressive in every details. Extra points were definitely in order for Nassen who looked dashing in his vintage-style Changsan. Ting’s parents also stole the show with the fitting attire, pearl accessories, cute little pins and all.


To complement the amazing visuals that morning, the whole ambiance was consistently cheerful and riotously happy- during the bride pick-up all the way to the teapai ceremony. Beautifully done!


When Ting and Nassen ditched their gorgeous oriental costumes for modern gown and tuxedo for the reception, the similar mood still followed. The venue was high on joyful vibes. Guests exchanged laughters while cracking jokes with one another, the couple had the biggest grins on their faces, and the satisfied smiles decorated each face that we welcomed with glee.


What a day and night it was for us personally. Having been there to bathe on their harmonious celebration, we couldn’t help but look forward to more auspicious moments like this. In the meantime, we’ll relive the happy moments through this pretty gallery, dedicated for Ting and Nassen in their absolute glory. Enjoy!


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