Axioo: Donny Wu
May 13, 2016    |   By Donny
Au Naturale, All Casual
courtesy of Robert & Sarah
"Theirs was something easy and casual, yet inspiring and memorable."

I go to a hundred weddings a year doing what I do. It’s can be crazy, but oddly enough, I still find myself feeling excited for every one of them.


A hundred weddings a year - that’s a lot to remember. I must admit that it’s easy to let these weddings become a blur. If you told me the name of a couple, there’s a good chance that I’d find myself struggling to remember their faces or their wedding. It’s one of the many challenges I have as a wedding photographer and one that I am most urged to overcome, simply because I don’t want to forget. I know that each wedding I go to is special… It’s the beginning of a new life for them, and I want to remember it as much as they do.


I want to remember. So, I make it a habit to find one moment - one moment, one distinct character, one occasion, one thing - anything, to tie me to the day and to the couple. Lately, if you asked me about a particular couple, I can probably say things like, “Oh, the one with the dress filled with intricate details” or “their decor was out of this world” or “I loved their first dance” or even things like, “their boutonnieres gave me the impression that they’re a very creative couple”. It can actually be anything at all… something distinct, that ties me to a couple, making them actually people, and not projects.


Robert and Sarah were married during the weeks my calendar looked like colorful lego blocks but you know, they didn’t breeze past my memory. They actually stayed! And you know what was the thing that tied me to their special day? Have you seen how fit they are? Yes well, I actually remembered thinking that I needed to start lifting heavy things to get to where they are. *Wink*


I had a great day at Robert and Sarah’s wedding day. Theirs was something easy and casual, yet inspiring and memorable. Congratulations again to the happy couple.






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