09 FEB 2016 | BY Robb

On the day of Andrew and Jessica’s pictorial shoot, it rained. I panicked. And I almost offered to reschedule. But she told me that the rain makes the shoot even more romantic. So off they went, running and dancing in the rain.


"So off they went, running and dancing in the rain."

On the day of their wedding, it rained in the middle of the reception. Even though the entertainment stopped for a short while, the celebration never did. The laughter never died and everyone seemed to fight the urge to dance in the rain. At the end, everyone broke loose and filled the dance floor. Jess even prepared a special dance with her bridesmaids for her husband and guests. It was a beautiful surprise. The party went on till the wee hours and ended when the bride and groom finally left the venue.


Most people will groan and pout at the slightest sight of rain on their parade, but not Jess. She smiled through it all. Besides, rain on a wedding day is supposed to be lucky. Chinese, especially, believe that it’s a symbol of fertility, or new starts and of renewal. So, I guess that even rain can be seen as something great. But even then, I believe that Jess would have preferred to go along with Plan A - where there is no rain involved - even though Plan B ultimately turned out really well. If there’s one thing I learn from this is that, rain or shine, it’s the bride’s attitude that matters. As long as the bride is smiling, everything is great!


Congratulations again, Andrew and Jess, for a beautiful wedding. May your marriage be beautiful even more.






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