08 NOV 2016 | BY Adi

Simplicity is defined as the absence of pretense; freedom of complexity. The state of being simple means stripping down the excess of unnecessary elements and showing only the rawest and realest form of you.


In the hecticness of a wedding scene, sometimes the quality may be buried into layers of intricacies, from the heavy traditions, streams of guests, constricting big gowns, to intense emotions. But truly, the essence of wedding boils down to one thing : love. As simple as that.


The wedding of Alex & Ruth reminds us once again of how effortless weddings sometime is the best way to go. Despite simple and far from the usual frills, the grand design was apparent. It’s as uncomplicated and easy as the sea breeze. It’s as gentle and as honest as the exchange of smiles and eye-locks between the bride and the groom. It’s every bit, genuine, and soul-baring that evoke a memory that will simply stay with them, from the day onwards until the end of time.


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