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Oct 28, 2019    |   By Adi
A Tradition of Love
courtesy of Liam & Mel

Humans are shaped by many things in life, and one of the most defining one has to be traditions. They are the elements of society, culture and family that transmitted from one generation to the next. They may be from hundreds or thousands of years old, serving as an avenue for lasting memories.


To talk about tradition is to talk about loyalty. We don’t question traditions; we follow them as one of life’s most valuable guidelines. We’re accustomed to how they are and they matter not just as a piece of culture but as a part of who we are. So important is the value of traditions that we think it’s natural for us to honor and celebrate it in our own special way, such as weddings.


When traditions meet with weddings, the combination can be the most enriching and beautiful thing one has the pleasure to witness. There is an aspect to it that is endearing, heartwarming and awe inspiring all at once. And as the folks who have the chance to not just witness, but eternalize such moments, it is truly one of our biggest joys in life.


For Mel and Liam, they brought with them a rich Scottish wedding tradition with a modern twist. We did a quick research before and found out that there’s a lot more to it than just wearing a kilt. In the centuries-old wedding traditions, there are a lot of romantic gestures and sweet customs that involve the bride, groom and their respective families.


With Liam and Mel as the perfect muses for our discovery, we fell in love with the coming together of both the ancient and modern world their wedding has to offer. Beyond just the attire, there was a stylish simplicity blended with a level of intimacy in many aspects. There were chaotic and hilarious moments, mixed with lovely tender ones - all in the right balance.


Paired with the luxurious atmosphere in the heart of Bali, it’s safe to say that this couple had one of the most memorable weddings for all to cherish. We hope that this collection of memories serves them well as they continue on with their journey as husband and wife. More than just the cultural sides of it, we wish that Mel and Liam will continue their tradition of love and making it their own for the next generation.


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