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Mar 06, 2019    |   By Donny
A Touch of Authentic
courtesy of Jimmy & Sophie

If there is one advice from us photographers to a couple anticipating their wedding day, we’d probably say “ get some rest”. Afterall, the biggest day of your life is due tomorrow, surely nothing is more important than prepping up your stamina so that you’re fully charged for it.


But, we also know that anyone would be too much of a mixed ball of emotions to get a restful sleep. Pre-wedding anxiety or wedding nerves can be a very real issue for anyone who have been through it and it’s almost funny! Who’d think that the happiest moment of your life could wreck you from all peace just a night before?


That’s why we probably should change our advice. Maybe no one should suggest you to get a good night’s sleep, because that would be in vain. Maybe we shouldn’t say don’t worry about it, because as sure as the sun, you will worry.


Instead, maybe we should just tell you to just be yourself. Be just as a nerve-ball that you are, but do not forget to take a deep breath and enjoy too. Be as sleepless as you could be, you’ll be awake with jolts of joy like you never knew you could before. Be as crazy, as silly, as happy, and as free as you can be. Just be your most authentic self, because love really will do the rest.


If you need some reassuring example, just take a look at Jimmy and Sophie here. Decked in their best Chinese wedding costumes and widest laughs, our couple went through a day walking on clouds, not because the lack of sleep but the exact opposite, high on real emotions.


A dreamy bride, a happy groom and a promise of happy-ever-after, it all starts somewhere authentic - just don’t forget about that.


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