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May 10, 2017    |   By Donny
A Sip of Wine
Andy & Jessica saying yes

Do you ever feel like you’re alone in a city crowd? Our city lives are defined by self productivity, deadlines, and entertainment. We grew to be more individualists. The city life limits our times with our loved ones even though we need them the most.


Even though Andy and Jessica lives in Jakarta, one of the busiest town in Asia, the couple have something they always come back to. No matter what. They love to drink wine together while having a conversation or watching movies.


Their plan was to drink wine at their last pre-wedding photo scene. However, by the time we reached the last session, they were too tired to drink. Still, the couple wished to include wine in their photoshoot. So, I took photos of them with the bottles. It feels like they really carve out time to do their thing despite anything.


“Hmm. Maybe you should take some time off,” said Jessica, “Be alone with each other. If you can, go on a holiday somewhere you both love to enjoy. Andy and I love beaches more than mountains. We often go to Bali, since the nearest beaches are there.”


I totally agree with Jessica and Andy. We should make time to be with our partner. Whether we achieve a success or stress over a setback, he/she is the one who will always be there.






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