Axioo: Donny Wu
Jan 16, 2019    |   By Donny
A Passionately Chic Romance
courtesy of Steven & Jenniver

Here’s a little challenge. Close your eyes and think of a word “wedding”, what do you immediately see in the back of your brain?


If we can guess, you’ll probably visualize a romantic event, a bride/ groom or both, and the soothing white color in the background. You’ll think of calmness, a strong sense of hope and peacefulness. Well, at least we hope that you think of all the positive things at the mention of the word.


For us though, the word ignites a little something different. The 2-syllable “ wedding” instantly brings a rush of thrills, some sort of anticipation for adventures to come, the highest of emotions, roaring chatters and just an overall wonderful feeling. This excitement is truly what makes us get out of the bed every morning and return to it with a tinge of victory.


And as long as we’re talking about visuals, it’s a burst of the most vivid and inspiring colors. We foresee the gradations of blue, from the cool shade of sky blending as one as it hits the dramatic surface of the ocean. The grass, emerald green; The flowers, as vibrant and brilliant as multi-color petals can be; And the sea of colors present in the audience seat, ready to offer a harmony of canvas for all to witness.


A wedding of our definition is not far from what Steven and Jenniver had a while back. Decoratively pretty, genuinely rich, stylishly on-point and just oozing with LOVE, these are just some of the best ways to describe it. So do yourself one more challenge, savor the pictures here and get a taste of what an Axioo Bali wedding truly is!


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