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Nov 05, 2018    |   By Adi
A Modern Fairytale
courtesy of Monique & Dominic

As cliche as this may sound, we do believe that the story of Dominic and Monique is one that tells a modern fairytale.


One look at Monique and you’d agree, she has the kind of face that makes the hearts sing. There’s something angelic about her, very demure and lovely that you can’t help but fall in love with. On the other end is Dom, our groom, with her honest pair of eyes and unapologetically charming good looks in his own way. At the very start, we’re already delighted for this pair and their happy-ever-after.


Like in many fairy tales, there are supporting characters. The cheerful, jolly, wise, warm and kind ones, they all made their appearance in forms of dear friends and families. And in Dom and Monique’s story, one particular character stood one best, it’s Aalia - their daughter.


The interaction of this little family was moving and simply awe-inspiring. It taught us about new chance, acceptance and everything in between. And as the three embraced as an official family, we’re reminded again that each love story is special. That each story too can be your own modern fairy tale if you believe in it.


It’s a treat for us to be in the company of all these lovely peeps, old and young, from early morning till the fireworks graced the night sky. As the wedding drew to an end and their married life has started, we just want to wish this little family of three the happiest of journey. We know for a fact, the story of Dominic and Monique has not reached the end at all. In fact, it barely has just begun.


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