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Oct 22, 2019    |   By Donny
A Korean Romance in Bali
courtesy of Seong & Davina

What do you get when you combine the rich beauty of Korean traditions with the tropical allure of Bali? Our answer is : The wedding of Seong and Davina.


We knew right from the start this is going to be one of the most enjoyable days we’ve come to eternalize. And our predictions were proven accurate when our beautiful bride began the morning ceremony by donning a majestic fiery red robe and long matching gown with all the glorious details. When we saw that Seong and his side of the family emerged in the same style, we’re smitten to no end.


What followed next was a series of remarkable Asian wedding traditions including silly gatecrashing and a private tea serving ceremony honoring the groom’s parents. We loved how the fusion of Korean and Chinese was done so delicately and refined, as shown not only in the fascinating outfits but tasteful room decorations as well.


We’re then whisked to an oceanfront open area designed for the wedding aisle and guest seats. Lush little white blooms and green leaves decorate the entire venue, while the neat rows of golden-accent chairs formed together in anticipation of witnessing the happy event. For a second, it’s as if we’re lost in the midst of our own K-drama romance and we simply couldn’t get enough.


With just the right amount of modern twist and elegant flair, we wrapped it up but not before eternalizing our couple of the day in their best moments. With the breathtaking Bali nature as the backdrop, each shot taken of Seong and Davina was about them being so comfortable in their own skin, and especially their chemistry. It’s amazing how they can both look so calmly in love one second, then burst out in laughter the next- and still look utterly perfect!


What was equally perfect about this wedding is none other than the reception area. The flawless decoration and styling was absolutely magical with details to the dots. Still, our couple continued to be the stars of their own show as they partied the night away with each fibre of happiness in their bodies.


To look back at the wedding of Seong and Davina is not only to see love and friendship in one complete package, but also to recognize the wonderful coming together of two people from different places, different cultures. How they make it work so successfully will remain a mystery, but we can only hope to be so lucky. Congratulations again to Seong and Davina!


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