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May 21, 2019    |   By Will
A Breath of Fresh Air
courtesy of Man Ho Cheung & Cheng Pei Yang

sssThree things came to mind when we look at our next couple, Roy and Judy.


First, their natural good looks that get only better as you stare at them. She has this flair of effortless beauty about her, while he is built with just the right amount of charm. When you single them out, they shine in their own personalities but pair them together, you can definitely feel the strong chemistry.


Secondly, Roy and Judy is all about that tasteful elegance - nothing over the top and precisely right. Their wedding took a modern spin yet continued to honor the importance of tradition and family roles. We absolutely love the breezy flow of their whole morning ceremony, highlighted with warm friendship, which was followed by another sophisticated evening reception.


Last but not least, this couple reminds us of how refreshing a wedding can be. Dealing with weddings in and day out, somehow you get a feel of how similar most things can be. Yet Roy and Judy offered us a mood that is super chic, simple yet very refined in its very own way.


We can’t tell if it’s in the graceful styling of their wedding or the understated style these two carried with them, but it felt like just the fresh breath of air we didn’t know we needed. Take a peek on their special day, and we hope that they cast that same spell on you too. Enjoy!


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