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Feb 20, 2018    |   By Donny
A Beauty and The Beast Inspired Photoshoot
Marvin & Beatrice saying yes

Marvin and I had been through a lot. Many months flew by, but everything feels so fast. We can’t believe we’ve known each other for 5 years.


Our moments together are my favorite moments.


I can’t forget the way he asked me fast and pray together for 40 days to get the confirmation from God that we’re the one for each other. He also asks me to pray together every night. I love how he brings me closer to God.


Another moment was the day God gave His answer to me. He didn’t show up on his birthday, which was very strange. I was so sleepy so I decided to sleep, anyway. But the hotel kept calling, saying the driver got a package for me. It turned out to be a video of him inviting me to play a game with him. I was supposed to get in the car.


His driver drove me around without telling me where to go. In the car, I saw a go-pro. When I asked the driver what’s up, he answered, “Oh. Everything is fine!”


The first destination was a place that is meaningful for both of us. The second was his unusually empty store. The video showed that he baked cookies for me, showing his support of me (that time, I really like baking cookies). He said, through the video, he wishes to keep supporting me in the future.


When I arrived at the final place, the place was decorated with balloons and pictures of us, our memories. Then, the real Marvin, not his video, came with flowers. He told me, “I believe we can be partners for life. Today, I’m asking you not to be my girlfriend anymore, but love of my life whom I spent the rest of my life with, through the happy and sad moments. Try look behind you!”


When I did, I see lots of balloons flying with a big poster, its words: will you marry me?


When I turned back, I saw him on his knees with a ring.


I nodded. I never felt so happy.


Soon, we prepared our wedding and take our pre-wedding pictures in France. With Axioo photographer Donny, we took a trip to a small French village called Colmar Tropicale. I’ve been a long-time fan of Beauty and the Beast, so spending time inside Colmar Tropicale felt like a dream come true. The village was a scene out of a fairytale.


Everything was unforgettable.






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