Axioo: Andreas Permadi
Oct 15, 2018    |   By Adi
Tropical Breeze of Love
courtesy of Amy & Andrew

The story of Andrew and Amy happened on a crisp summer day in Bali. Like all the best summer weddings, the air was filled with the fresh ocean breeze, the sun beating down with intimate warmth, while the atmosphere was enveloped with a quietness and a few giggly laughs in between.


The story of Andrew and Amy is not just about how two soulmates joined as one, but involves strong mother figures- from both side of the groom and our bride. As a heartfelt message was penned down, there went a million stories of how a little girl grew up to be the independent woman that she has become.


The story of Andrew and Amy is also more than parental love, it’s about sisterhood and standing for each other through ups and downs. It’s about best men flying miles to be by the side of their best buddy, a bromance of no other kind.


The story of Andrew and Amy is a story of overcoming challenges in relationships, treading thunder storms, and braving wavy seas. Until all you have are the clearest blue sky and calm lulling waters - with an ending of balmy skies and the twinkling lights.


The story of Andrew and Amy is a love story, in all its perfections and flaws, that make it that much more memorable for everyone involved.


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