Nov 30, 2019
You Ask, We Answer! With Tonny & Donny

Another day, another “ You Ask We Answer” series with our amazing Axioo photography team. You may wonder, what is the purpose of our short clip featuring some of the most hardworking peeps we know? Well, we believe that the more you understand who your photographer is, the more comfortable you will be during your photo session. And with great comfort on set, you can bet that the results will speak for themselves as well.


This time around, we sat down with your favorites: Donny aka @donnywg and Tonny of @tonnyvalenzio. As expected, there isn’t a boring day with them as they answer each question that will leave you more confused than before :D.


Let’s just say that it is just a part of their quirks which we love, and we got a feeling you will too. Also, from this little chat, the word “ wife” surprisingly got thrown a lot. Find out why and decide who is the better husband out of the two!


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