Nov 30, 2019
You Ask We Answer! With Ray Kho, Yosep & Robb

While the power of still image has always been the core of what we do here in Axioo, we also believe in the power of moving pictures for your wedding journey. Videography has its own way to grab attention, take you places and store the essence of a couple, in a way that’s entirely unique, exciting and moving ( pun intended).


We have our amazing team of video directors to thank for all their superb talent and most importantly, hard working ethics. Because if there’s anything that we learned from them, is that delivering a fine piece of artwork requires more than just ground work, but discipline and constant learning as well.


Curious to see how they conceptually, aesthetically and mentally create a piece of extraordinary results? Anytime you’re ready, let’s meet the directors of Axioo Bali aka Ray @raykhoo, Yosep @otjep and Robb @robbsusanto!


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