Axioo: Andreas Permadi
Apr 03, 2019    |   By Adi
Whimsical Rustic Fantasy
courtesy of Mark & Francesca

Splendid details are necessary in the making of a wedding of a lifetime. Francesca and Mark must have taken a note on that, which probably explained why we were welcomed into a day of blissful wedding for the two.


We have our conviction that Francesca is the kind of bride who absolutely knew what she wanted in her wedding. She appeared that morning like the fresh breeze of air in the midst of tropical day. Fresh flowers crowned her hair but it was the brightest smile that beautifully decorated her entire being. Wrapped in a delicate vintage-style dress, she was the definition of a Bohemian bride in full confidence.


The theme took on rustic chic meets quirky vintage with details that would leave you breathless. Intimate air enveloped The Sanctuary Bali as the two traded vows in front of everyone they love. And that same lovely air trailed them all the way to the brilliantly-set reception area.


The cozy and balmy evening made way for songs, dances and laughter that celebrated the couple of the night. Wonderfully done, Francesca and Mark simply nailed their idea of perfect wedding. And just like that, we took away the memory of one delightful wedding in all its enchanting details. It’s every bit as enjoyable as each scene was memorable


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