Axioo: Donny Wu
Mar 10, 2020    |   By Donny
Vast & Luscious
Willional & Stefany saying yes

At Axioo Bali, we love all kinds of photography themes, but nature-style has a special place in our hearts.


There are many reasons why pre-wedding photography done in a breathtaking natural setting always works in everyone’s favor. Other than the obvious bright lighting, we believe that being out in the open offers a liberating feeling, making you feel relaxed and confident at the same time. There’s something so powerful and inspiring in nature that perfectly matches the chemistry of couples onscreen.


We’re talking about the inviting blue skies dotted with white-speckled clouds, the roaring wind that cheerfully plays with our bride’s dress, the soothing glow for that sun-kissed moments, and the canvas of vibrant colors paired with the natural contours of mother nature. These are all the things that make nature-style wedding photography so much more stirring and impactful.


The thing with natural style though, you don’t want to overpower the couple’s presence with the majestic backdrop. The couple remains as the stars of the show while nature highlights their love further, working as a compliment that seals the whole idea together.


For sure, it takes a special kind of couple to dominate the shots amidst the glorious surrounding beauty. We’ve seen many of such couples, and Willional & Stefany are definitely one of them. As if playing with nature, they blended and shone superbly well during the pre wedding session. Each picture is about them enjoying their best moments out in the sun, showing us that their love is just as vast and luscious as the sky, sand and sea combined.


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