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Nov 06, 2019    |   By Donny
Thriving With You
courtesy of Jonathan & Erica

There are many ways to know if you have fallen in love. There are the classic signs such as the fluttering butterflies in the tummy, how someone occupies your brain 24/7, or how everything just simply reminds you of them. There’s even a list of scientific signs to tell if you’re in love. It includes intense staring, feeling that dopamine high, to huge stress response.


To fall in love can involve a myriad of emotional reactions that can be one heck of an exciting ride. But if falling in love is one thing, how about staying in it? To find the one, they say you’re required to fall in love over and over again. The idea sounds logical, but there’s only so much the heart can take when it comes to excitement right?


For many people, staying in love is the essence of relationship. It is a commitment that binds two people for as long as they both shall endure. This may sound scary or boring to some, but therein lies the challenge of being together. But is this all there is?


If falling in love seems too short-lived and only works for the fun side of it, and if staying in love sounds too restricting and monotone, what if we propose another idea of relationship? In the true celebration of love and togetherness, how about we not just fall, not just stay, but also thrive in love.


To thrive in love means to grow together as a couple, where both people in the relationship continue to bring out the best out of each other. The dynamic can be a mix of exhilarating fun with a sprinkle of downtime to recharge. Your spouse can still be someone you look forward to meeting in the morning, despite having them sleeping right next to you the whole night. This is the perfect idea that we believe will be the driving force of a happy marriage.


Looking at our couple, Jonathan and Erica, we’re truly inspired to deliver this message. Why? Because somehow we can tell that they’re just that kind of couple that continues to challenge and explore one another, while comfortably honest with each other at the same time.


9 out of 10 we’re correct with our predictions, so here’s to Jonathan and Erica - may you thrive together, for now and always.


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