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Sep 10, 2019    |   By Yosep
The Season for Love
courtesy of Enrico & Yenny

The season of Autumn — many are in love with it. During this time of year, everything seems to slow down, everything feels so calm. Even nature seems to slow down. We have pool parties during the Summer and we have family gatherings mostly in the Winter. Autumn, the in-between season, brings to us a time of rest and serenity.


Most of us, when we think about Autumn, we think about cozying up under a blanket on a rainy day with a cup of hot chocolate sprinkled with a hint of cinnamon in one hand, and a good book in the other. We think about the colours of the leaves, and the crackling sound they make under our shoes when they’ve fallen to the ground. The colours red, yellow, and orange bring us inspiration, as we are finally interested enough to pay close attention to the beauty that exists in nature.


Autumn is the time for harvest. In fact, before it was Autumn, the season was called “Harvest”. Many farmers love this season because they finally get to harvest their crops. Autumn is, thus, the season for us to get our nourishment, and then we celebrate Thanksgiving for all those things that we have been given.


Autumn also symbolizes balance. There is always one day in Autumn when the amount of daylight and darkness that fall upon the earth are both exactly 12 hours. Balance is also found in the weather. It is the in-between season when it’s not too cold like the Winter or too hot like the Summer, but just right.


So, what better time to have a wedding than during the season of Autumn? It is filled with so much beauty, peace, and meaning. It is the season for rest. It is the season for harvest, a time to finally enjoy what we have been working on for the whole year. It is a season for change, for us to begin again with a clean slate. It is a season for balance, a time to rearrange our priorities and readjust our focus.


But most importantly is this: that though the beautiful leaves may fall, love springs out of the ground, and makes its home in the hearts of those who invites it in.


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