Apr 01, 2019
The Land of Black Beauty

Forget golden sand beaches or pale yellow sand for a minute, we’ve got something stunning to show you : black sand beaches.


Along the coastline of our island lies sweeping black sand that is as dramatic as it is mysterious. With a glossy finish, this fine sand color the world with an extraordinary sight - even more so with the crashing clear waters at the side.


It would be almost foolish to think that these black-colored beaches are undesirable. Because we’ve learned from first hand experience that these locations are perfect in the making of a memory of a lifetime. It adds sharp contrast as the blowing wind plays with the colors of your dresses, it shines bright when the sunray washes over it, and it glistens with wonder when the sunset approaches.


Last but not least, it lends a mystifying flair of inspiration. One that whispers the secret stories of land before time, rich with fascinating surprises you never would have known. All you gotta do is show up and let the black beauty swallows you whole.


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