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Aug 29, 2019    |   By Donny
The Intimate Way
courtesy of Robert & Alexandra

The word “ intimate” has long been the pinnacle of a dream wedding. An intimate wedding celebration often is associated with something meaningful, memorable and impactful. It also often has a lot to do with the size of the wedding, the smaller the attendees the more intimate it can be - or so it seems.


Having witnessed a number of weddings in various scales, it can get very intimate when the event is kept to a minimum guest list. But essentially, people who matter should be there to celebrate every step of the way, because therein lies the idea of true intimacy - and not exactly having to do with just the size. This way, even the grand scale of an Indian wedding, for example, can still enjoy a level of intimacy in different phases of the whole event.


Ultimately, it is our duty as your wedding photographers to capture the truly intimate and emotionally raw moments. Regardless of the size, decor, venue and everything, it is our goal to eternalize quiet and private personal moments from the couple, guests and family interactions as well.


As for the wedding of Alexandra & Robert, we’re lucky because these folks sure know how to keep it intimate in its purest form. With the right bunch of friends and family in attendance, elegant styling and the right attitude, everyone was able to really enjoy and immerse themselves in the moment. Blissful and divine in the wedding’s own way.


For that reason, we would like to congratulate this lovely couple once again for their absolutely beautiful wedding. The chemistry and atmosphere were unforgettable as it was, and we hope that they would be able to carry that feeling for as long as they both shall live.


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