Axioo: Donny Wu
Feb 06, 2020    |   By Donny
The Airiest Cloud Nine
courtesy of Aaron & Ailyne

Everyone should know by now that we have a soft spot for everything natural, simple yet refined. The philosophy of Axioo Bali rarely strays far from a touch of ethereal but always with a relatable sense that feels familiar and endearing to all.


To show you exactly what we mean, simply take a gander at the wedding photographs of Aaron and Ailyne. It helps that these two are the very definition of the perfect muse, looking every bit like a dream couple any photographer could ask for. We love how naturally beautiful Ailyne looked in her choice of wedding attire and overall style, classy and intricate but nothing overly dramatic.


This couple served us a lightweight vibe of luxury, where simplicity meets with sophistication for one fine date in Bali. Spacious and uncluttered, the precise styling and personal touch were evident in consistent decors and minute details. As day turned to night, Aaron and Aiyne continued to grace us with excellent moments made to be perfectly-captured.


It’s a dreamy trip in the wedding of Aaron and Ailyne. It lasted the whole day, but felt like a minute long only. It’s true what they say : time flies when you’re having fun, especially when you’re on the best kind of cloud nine. Congratulations again to our gorgeous couple!


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