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Dec 05, 2023    |   By Kris
Summer Love Birds
courtesy of Michael & Jeslyn

Life has a funny way of letting us meet different faces in each phase of our life. Friendships and relationships, workplace colleagues, these people enter our life and more often than not, come to an end as is the natural circle of social life.


But when most relationships dissolve, a few are guaranteed to remain and endure the test of time for many years to come. These are the people whom we will call home or our people. They are our families - born into or chosen - and regardless of what may come, will be our flock of birds in the same flight.


For Michael and Jeslyn, they have chosen to embark on their own flight with romance as their fuel for life. More than being bound by their love for each other, they are also committed to move in the same direction and pursue similar endeavors. As they pledge their coming together in front of friends and family one beautiful day in Ayana Resort, their journey has begun.


From their gorgeous and intimate wedding celebration, everyone can tell that these summer love birds are so ready for each other. As they fly together exploring all that their life together has to offer, Michael and Jeslyn are now one in a timeless dance. On this voyage, we hope that the winds guide their flight and their love continues to soar.






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