Axioo: Ray Kho
Mar 15, 2019    |   By Ray
Stylish Upbeat Mood
courtesy of Teo & Shelin

At Axioo Bali, it’s a full-house of creative force from different individuals. Every day, the team learns new things from one another, exchanging perspectives and throwing around ideas of what makes an art more unique and memorable than the next.


In many ways, this kind of dynamic is what keeps our vision interesting, fresh and in a way, far from boring. In the industry where things can fall into same old routines, it is passion and motivation that reminds us to keep it exciting and different in many ways.


Truly, having just creative juice is not enough to stand out than the rest. We believe that it’s important to go beyond what’s common and challenge ourselves to new ideas everyday, while still keeping it true to our couple’s style.


For Teo & Shelin, our creative director Ray Kho tried to put a spin of romance in a different tone with something stylish and upbeat. At the same time, you will always see traces of what makes it an Axioo product, all in its colors, vibes and directions.


Needless to say, we totally enjoy this clip of our couple - shot to depict the best days of their modern and vibrant daily life. Click play, enjoy the beat and hopefully you’ll bop your head along while also see how we try to deliver romance, in the most unique and cheerful way.


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