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Aug 26, 2019    |   By Will
Staying Gratefully In Love
courtesy of Kinsey & Garet

Like it or not, we’re living in an instant generation. It’s such a fast-paced world that you can’t help but understand the need to get going and move on. Giving up when things get hard seems like a more logical move, despite the chance that things could maybe work out eventually.


In such loveless generation, finding love can be a hard thing, even more so for staying in love. But if we’ve learned a thing or two from our personal stories and especially from our clients from time to time, staying in love comes down to one important thing : being grateful.


Gratefulness can seem so easy, but hard to capture and much harder to practice. It requires constant reminder that it’s a relationship worth holding on to. When you realize those values, comes a sense of appreciation that works in long-term positive effects for your relationship.


With that sense of appreciation or motivation, it’s natural to feel compelled to act upon it- whether you’re being more responsive, attentive, or go out of your way to nurture your relationship to its best state. And when those feelings are reciprocated, gratitude can spark an ongoing cycle for the best recipe of staying in love.


Of course, this is all easier said than done - especially when you’re feeling tired, stressed out, or just not having it. But it helps when you turn your minds to happier times, even way back then to your wedding day. Visuals are the best emotions trigger and a good wedding photo can help you through, especially during hard times.


Speaking of gratefulness, our couple Kinsey and Garet probably showed it best during their beautiful wedding in Bali. If pictures could speak, theirs would be alive with all sorts of wonderful and thankful words. It’s there in the looks of their eyes, it’s there in each curve of smiles, and it’s also there in every body language and silly humorous acts.


We hope for them both that the exact sparkle lives on, even when it’s hard, even when it’s such an instant world we’re living in. And if you are looking to be inspired with a tinge of gratitude, please browse through their pictures and you will see, gratitude is definitely there.


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