Axioo: Wilson Tsu
Oct 24, 2023    |   By Wilson
Simple Serendipity
courtesy of Jason & Ashley

We all dream of fairytales and perfect romance. We fear that, without the drama and whirlwind, our story wouldn't be as engaging, heart wrenching, or worth having.


But what if simplicity is sometimes the ultimate goal of every relationship? Where words need no big explanations because that person just gets you. Where there is no hassle or stress because you both work hard - every day - to make understanding each other your sole love language.


For Jason and Ashley, this rings true - that love is simple, kind yet beautiful. That beneath the simplicity of it all, lie the intricacies and details that put all the challenges away because their shared goals are so clear and evident: to be with each other, and nothing else matters.


From their serendipitous encounter on a dating app eight years ago, to their dating years, and finally being officially Mr. & Mrs., everything about our couple is dreamy and meaningful. And after all, they did celebrate it fairytale style, right at Seseh Beach Villa in Bali, where it's warm, fun, and blissful with their friends and family all around.


Congratulations again to Jason and Ashley, we have no doubt that your life together is going to be just as endearing and lovely, just as your wedding!






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