Mar 10, 2021
Seaside Kisses, Eternal Wishes
courtesy of Chenay & Kane

Situated in Lombok, Gili Trawangan offers the ideal island escape fit for intimate weddings, private parties and everything special. It’s a promise of sandy beaches, lovely sun kissed-skies, even lovelier crystal blue waters and more. Choosing this paradise on earth for a love union is arguably one of the decisions a couple can make.


For our stylish couple who decided on a beach front wedding, they came ready. With the incredibly romantic settings of Gili islands, their wedding was ushered in by mother nature herself. Clear day and lovely atmosphere, little girls dancing around the beach wearing airy and dreamy dresses complete with colorful flower wreaths.


Our bride and squad was a vision of perfection itself in classic mermaid gown and pink nude attire. The groom team didn’t disappoint as well in the laid-back yet stylish white shirts, cropped pants and cute bows. But overall what stood out the most was the tender moments, heartfelt connections, and emotions bigger than love.


So let’s raise a toast to our dear couple, their friends and family. May they look back on their special day, eternally filled with that signature oceanic scent, glimpses of golden hours, toes in sands and spark-joy feeling. Here’s to you guys!


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