Feb 10, 2020    |   By Yosep
Reliving Beautiful Moments
courtesy of Chia Khai & Jia Yen

You can’t spell emotions without motions, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here with Axioo wedding videography. Our artistic team has always done an excellent job at crafting moving artwork that speaks volume. This time, it’s no exception for our couple, Chia Khai and Jia Yen.


In this short clip, we’re taken on a journey of everything that entailed on their wedding day. At each play of the button, viewers are treated to the front seats of their special event. No details are missing, if anything, it’s the chance to really relive the moments to its finest glory.


We don’t only get to see what kind of dress the bride is wearing, but right down to the very surface of her intricate embroidery. Not only do we get to know the couple’s beautiful faces, but the way they smile at the same time holding back happy tears. We get to see everyone who attended the wedding, all the dances and fireworks, every laughter and every cheer.


That is the beauty of wedding videography that no couple should miss. Because you may regret your choice of the wedding shoes just during that moment in time, but a lot of brides have confessed to regretting not having a wedding videographer for many years to come. So here’s to beautiful moments captured in motions, may they live forever in nothing but beautiful memories.


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