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Mar 19, 2024    |   By Adi
PS. I Love You
courtesy of William & Sammy

It’s human nature to forget. We’re all hardwired to let go of past memories, making space for new ones to grow. It does not necessarily mean wiping out everything because, lucky for us, we’re also designed to retain some core memories.


For weddings like William and Sammy's, it’s certainly one for the history books. In the enchanting setting of Bali’s Ungasan Clifftop Resort, their celebration unfolded on the finest summer day. Right from the start, the stylish bride and her bridesmaids painted the day beautiful in their own way. While sharing champagne and getting ready, the groom and his mates were busy preparing, each in their unique heartfelt way.


Our couple then met in the lush, manicured garden of the estate, overlooking the breathtaking ocean view. The setup was nothing less than magical, with hanging crystal chandeliers, neat rows of seats, and beautiful blooms all around. After sealing it with a kiss, the celebration continued with William and Sammy partying down with their close friends and family.


The evening ended with a bang, literally, as fireworks adorned the dark Bali skies. The after-party unfolded, leaving a trail of glitz and glam that belonged only to William and Sammy.


Amidst the blurry shots, fleeting moments, and fading energy, remnants of the day’s best lingered. Through each captured frame, we hope to savor it all. It’s as if to say that the special day may have ended, but let’s leave a post-note - a little PS I Love You that lasts forever.






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