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Jun 21, 2019    |   By Will
Priceless Millions Memories
courtesy of Carmen & Adrian

Weddings is about the making of many things, but above all, it’s about the making of precious memories.


The thing is, memory is a tricky thing. It constantly changes and consists of layers, making it hard for us to tell which is which. Sometimes we mix and merge them up, unable to distinguish which in fact happened or if they are just random motions and images we’re making up. That’s why two people in one same situation may perceive or remember things differently.


Knowing that memories are such feeble things, we sometimes have to pause with our cameras in hands and think differently. Chase not facts nor document the actions, but rather capture the pure emotions, the mood in the room, the spirit everyone emits, the tone of the air, the flavor of those fleeting moments.


It may take extra work to pursue such intangible quality, but when done well, the pay off is simply priceless. We love creating stills that talk despite being motionless, stories that live for many many years to come, and all the little things that may translate into endless perceptions to your memory. It’s our goal to create photography with millions of different emotions, changing every time you see it.


Because memory is a tricky thing, but photography is the best weapon that stops all the chase in its track - eternalizing you in countless ways, but each one a fond one, each one worth remembering.


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