Axioo: Emanuel A Kristanto
Oct 16, 2023    |   By Kris
Perfectly Right
courtesy of Martin & Maria

Love is a cosmic dance, where stars align and time plays a vital role. It's no small feat, for a myriad of reasons that can keep two souls apart. But somehow, against the odds, two people meet as if it were destined. Every coincidence, every incident, they all conspire to bring them together.


In the grand scheme of things, love is the universe's masterpiece. It's a story written in the constellations, where every twinkle is a paragraph of passion, and every shooting star a promise of forever. Love isn't about extravagant gestures; it's about the simplest moments that feel extraordinary.


Love is the smile that lingers after a shared joke, the warmth of a hand in yours, and the feeling of being at home in someone's presence. It's the quiet understanding, the unspoken bond that binds two people together.


As our couple Martin and Maria will prove, love isn't just a chance encounter; it's a celestial design. It's the universe conspiring to create something beautiful. In the end, it's not about right now, but about being perfectly right for each other.


In this cosmic tale, love is about the stars aligning, time cooperating, and two souls uniting as if they were meant to be. It's a simple, yet profound truth that we all seek – to find that one person who makes our world complete.






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