Axioo: Robb Susanto
Jan 28, 2019    |   By Robb
Perfect Imperfections
courtesy of Robby & Aveline

This is a fact : We learn so much from our clients. You’d think that encountering so many wedded couples, we have seen everything by now. But with confidence we can say that it’s the opposite. Far from it. Each couple brings with them their own unique flair, tales of love and lessons of the day that we can always reflect on.


Set in a modern fairytale, Aveline and Roby was yet another couple that we had the chance to learn so much from. Charismatic and insightful, Roby is someone that you’d easily trust your friendship with. Meanwhile, Aveline has that kind of sweet charm about her that is honest, soothing and lovely, to say the least.


From Roby and Aveline, we learned that their wedding was but a prelude to a happy and better life ahead. From their 2 years experience, they have learn firsthand that it’s not going to be an easy ride but their readiness to brace for it all, is going to make it all the more worthwhile.


As their wedding chapter closed off with a round of applause, a show of love and support and elegance atmosphere, this couple went down in our Axioo Bali book as yet another story to tell and retell, a work in progress and a never-ending happy-ever-after. We hope you enjoy this reel of Roby and Aveline, just as much as we did!


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