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Jun 21, 2019    |   By Yosep
Pearls and Purity
courtesy of Yung & Rita
“Yung is kind, loyal, and…. pure.”

Meanings and concepts are evolvable. Over time, the things we see right now from one angle will reveal to us their various other sides. Words like “nice”, “fantastic”, and “flirt” all find their roots from the words “ignorant,” “imaginative,” and “sneer at” consecutively. The word “sick”, which originally meant “ill”, have now been used by the younger generations as a word that means “cool”, and who is to tell what this word will further evolve to in the future?


The evolution of concepts goes the same for the word “Purity”. In the ancient world, purity was heavily associated with cleanliness. Fast forward a few thousand years later, purity became tethered to ideas of innocence and perfection. Purity was like the color white, like clear water, or other untouched and uncontaminated objects. Sure, those are a few angles in which we can view the idea of purity, but let’s take a closer look at purity from its other sides.


Let’s think about pearls for a second. Exquisite, rare, beautiful pearls.


Pearls are one of the greatest and most beautiful of nature’s creations. Pearls are timeless, their existence can be traced back to around 7,000 years in the past. They are not easy to find, because time is one of the essential ingredients for a single pearl to be wholly produced. The process that they go through is extremely unique: First, oysters take in dirt. This dirt is then covered with layers and layers of coating, and, after several years that are seemingly ‘unproductive’, the oysters each spit out one beautiful and shiny little pearl. People nowadays have been told that to distinguish a real pearl from a fake one is to look at its form. Real, pure, and authentic pearls are irregular in shape, while fake ones have oddly smooth surfaces.


Can pearls be our new symbol for purity? Real pearls are flawed, but also timeless. They are rare gems in society, and the journey that they go through is not detached from the presence of adversity.


A love that is pure, then, does not always equal to a love that appears smooth and shiny merely from its surface. The purity of love is revealed when it has been tested, when it has gone through several processes of coating and healing, all because it had once swallowed dirt. Pure love cannot not rushed, because it realizes that time is of the essence, and that it is part of the process.


A love that is so pure can be as rare as pearls. Always cherish it once you have found it.


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