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Aug 05, 2019    |   By Will
Peace and Serenity
Felix & Valencia saying yes
“When I lay my head against your chest, when I feel the steadiness and calmness of your breath, I am wrapped up in a blanket of peace and serenity.”

Being wrapped in your arms is like being wrapped in the kind of serenity you would only find in nature, a feeling that comes as you look to the green pastures under the daylight, as the sun nurtures every blade of grass within your sight.


The kind of serenity that is found when you choose to immerse yourself in this immense beauty with wide eyes and an open heart. These are the moments when you stand on top of the hill, being unable to contain the beauty that you’re witnessing, so you just sigh and let your breath become one with the wind that is brushing past you. And so, in return for that exhale, nature gives you its peace as a free gift for you to inhale, to take with you forward in this journey of life.


That same peace you have given to me, and you have given it sincerely, without any pretense. The light that you naturally radiate to those around you makes me see the world as a brighter place. The way you talk about things, the way you see things. You’re like the sun that seeps into the dark places, the dark times when I feel like I am utterly unworthy. You’re like the winds of peace that whisper into my ears, asking me to let go of my fears when I cannot find the words to describe what I’m feeling.


I guess it’s true that you are the embodiment of nature, the highest form of creation.


You know how this kind of serenity is what always makes people want to set out on an adventure, to “rediscover” themselves in nature?


Likewise, with you, I rediscover myself.”


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