Apr 17, 2019
Passion : A State of Mind
Rendy & Vivicen saying yes

Once there was a wise man who shared his wisdom to the world, “ Romance can die, but never passion”.


In fact, many things in the world can come and go, but passion should thrive because it is so critically linked to happiness. It’s one of the most important ingredient to a happy life, and it is the fuel of someone’s motivation and drive. Truly, any passion is a great boon to a life one is trying to pursue.


For us photographers, passion is the thing that wakes us up the morning. It is also something that we’re trying to capture out of our couple. Afterall, it is the collection of emotions that make your prewedding memories alive. It’s a mix of chemistry, joy, love and most of all, passion.


As we followed Rendy and Vivicen, we once again witnessed the definition of passion in its purest form. The dynamic of these two were fiery and almost electrifying. Naturally, this result is easily one of our favorites because the passion between them unmistakably genuine.


So let this gorgeous couple reminds us all again about passion. Don’t let it slip your mind that passion is the oxygen of the soul, it’s the energy of what excites you, it’s the key to the impossible. In love, life and everything : Let’s do it with passion, or not at all.


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