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Nov 22, 2019    |   By Donny
Part of a Bigger Story
courtesy of Philip & Tiffany

We know how love stories go. Girl meets boy, both fall in love and sooner or later get into a huge conflict, but eventually get out of that conflict realising that their love is reserved only for each other… and then the wedding happens.


Most movies stop there, but we know that’s not how it is in real life. We know for a fact that, in real life, love stories don’t end in a wedding — they often begin with a marriage.


In real life, love stories aren’t just limited to two main characters and a plot. The ingredients for real love stories are: the support of people who matter, a sprinkle of coincidences, and a whole lot of planning. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so are love stories — good love stories do not happen in an instant.


Because, although a marriage is a story written for and lived only by two people, its impact will be felt through generations. Marriages aren’t just for the two main characters. In the bigger picture, they contribute to the narratives of many other people. This is why, in our relationships, we should always remember to pour out and be generous, to share our wins and losses, to give hope, and to inspire others. This is why we should work on our marriages diligently, to till the soil and pave the way for those who will come after us.


There is a purpose in all of our love stories, for they play a part in the bigger generational narrative of our humanity.


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