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Nov 20, 2019    |   By Will
Paradise Found
courtesy of Loreto & Monique

Weddings are an event of millions of happy things. And when we say millions, it may seem like there are indeed millions of things before the actual celebration. Even from day one of wedding preparation, it is a lot about going through options, comparing them, before finally selecting one above the rest.


From stationeries, outfits, hair and makeup styles, and all the way to decorations and food, a wedding is like a race to complete all the choices given in the hope of nailing the wedding of your dreams. No wonder a lot of brides turn into a nervous wreck due to the tension!


But when it comes to destination weddings, you can almost be certain that the choice is a conscious one. Having hosted many international and local couples as well, a lot would say that choosing the tropical paradise of Bali, just seemed like the most natural thing to do. Afterall, momentous events such as weddings certainly deserve the most special place as well.


We’d have to agree that Bali is every bit worth the hype of being the world’s best wedding destination. Not only in its physical appearance, Bali also is as rich as it is beautiful in its spiritual nature and laid-back atmosphere. It’s as if all your worries melt away upon stepping off the plane, and you’d feel ready to whatever is next in your long list of wedding agenda.


For Lorry and Monique, they certainly didn’t pick the wrong place to get married in. What’s so amazing about their celebration to us is the fact that they discovered Bali and made it their own for a wedding of a lifetime. We totally adore the contrast between this modern couple with everything that defines Bali in its very essence.


We’re talking about unmissable little details that became a big part of their day. It’s there in the gorgeous white dress perched against the intricate wood carving for a winning shot, the thatched-roof room where our bride prepared, the flowing river amidst the verdant greenery, to celebrating it traditional style with Balinese decorations.


Still, Lorry and Monique brought their own characters into it which made the whole thing even more memorable. They both truly found paradise in Bali, and better yet, found themselves in one another. Congratulations again for the beautiful wedding, may Bali always hold that special place for you deep inside.


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