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Dec 26, 2023    |   By Kris
Our Very Own Ways
Danny & Novia saying yes

If love is a painting, then the pre-wedding phase stands as a moment where the couple collaborates to craft the strokes of their shared life. It's a chapter deserving of a proper celebration—one that is best colored with the individuality of each partner. We firmly believe that pre-wedding photography transcends being merely a trend; it is a thoughtful conversation that adds a personal touch to your entire love narrative.


Danny and Novia not only embraced this philosophy but also ran away with their own sketches, choosing Bali as the pristine canvas for their love story. Designing their own visions, they entrusted us to bring them to life, and we are honored to have been part of their journey.


From an exhilarating boat ride across the beautiful ocean, where their love rippled through the waves and the gentle summer breeze kissed their faces, to a serene session overlooking the majestic Mount Agung from a distance, and finally, a fairytale that unfolded in a charming modern cottage, complete with their own classic chariot ride, Danny and Novia crafted a pre-wedding tale that encapsulated the essence of their unique love story.


So here's a reminder to all couples out there: when planning and designing your own story, take the time to craft your visions, and most importantly, do it in your own ways. Because in this painting of love, each stroke is unique for the colors and textures that make your story truly one-of-a-kind.






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