Axioo: Andreas Permadi
Jun 11, 2021    |   By Adi
Once upon a Lembongan
courtesy of Mikael & Amanda

Quiet water ripples, pink blue skies and fresh green foliage. These are the memories of one dreamy Lembongan wedding we had. The bride stood in her simple yet stunning dress. Her hair, ever so lightly styled with a thin veil and decorated with white blossoms. The groom looked dapper in his light grey suit, fully-pressed pants and clean loafers. Everything spelled effortless.


It’s been quite a while since we shared a vivid illustration of beautiful weddings, but it just felt like yesterday - all thanks to our dear couples who celebrated right beside the seaside. They chilled on the patio, in the company of their friends while the wind blew gently carrying the song of eternal summer.


As the skies turned darker grey and the outdoor garden lit up with pretty twinkling lights, the mood was high and festive. It’s important to remember love like this, easy and unconditional. That life's supposed to be carefree, joyful and celebrated without pretense. And that’s how this midsummer wedding of once upon a time in Lembongan ended, with a bang and nothing less than perfect.


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