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Sep 19, 2023    |   By Kris
Once Upon A Dream In Bali
courtesy of Eliah & Bianca

Eliah, a bride from Indonesia, and Bianca, a groom from Australia, crafted a magical and international love story in Bali. Their wedding beautifully merged two diverse cultures into a harmonious celebration of love.


The couple's choice of Bali as their wedding destination added an extra layer of charm to their special day. Bali's natural beauty and warm hospitality provided the perfect backdrop for their love story, not to mention their exceptional choice of venue, the Royal Santrian Bali.


Balinese elements and charms were intricately woven into the wedding decor, creating an authentic and vibrant atmosphere. Yellow blooms hung gracefully, resembling nature's chandeliers, while vibrant colors adorned the venue. The open-air setting allowed guests to immerse themselves in the tropical climate and the couple's love.


The highlight of the night was the mesmerizing fire dances that added a touch of wonder to the festivities. Music flowed through the air, creating a romantic and lively ambiance.


Eliah and Bianca's wedding celebrated the power of love, transcending borders and cultures. In the heart of Bali, these two souls found their forever home, and the world celebrated with them.


With the magic of Bali and their love intertwined, this celebration felt like a surreal dream. Congratulations to this couple for a life as dreamy as their wedding story. Here's to the beginning of an unforgettable chapter in the book of life. Cheers!






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