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Jan 08, 2020    |   By Will
Next-Level Refined Simplicity
courtesy of Tom & Alice

At every turn of the year, comes an anticipation of what the wedding trends will bring next. Each season marks a new style that is fresh, mind-blowing and keeps getting better as it goes.


While we cannot pinpoint who dictates these trends or how it’s applied for sure, it’s always apparent to witness each couple brings their unique flair to their weddings. Like always, we learn from the best ie. our very own couples who never fail to teach us one or two things about staying in style.


For Alice and Tom, they sure taught us many things about keeping it extra stylish and on-point. This chic pair served up an elevated wedding with a refreshing spin that’s worth creating and capturing. Their event was also delightfully endearing yet simple in the way that reminds you of how perfect weddings are done from time to time.


The theme for Alice and Tom was primarily in the shade of white and neutral, but the consistent use of striking blooms was also out in full force. It can be seen in the satin robes of our bride and her squad, the giant wreath decoration as the backdrop perched elegantly next to the sweeping ocean, as well as her lovely hand bouquet.


With a mix of both classic and modern in the right proportion, we loved how effortlessly they brought out the sophisticated beauty of Bali while leaving marks of its natural beauty in all the right places. Our favorite shots include the table display during their evening feast where wicker furniture and other traditional elements worked to bring out one gorgeous set up.


Last but not least, we had to give it up for Alice and Tom who fit right in in the middle of this chic and wonderful wedding. It takes just the right kind of couple to put the soul into such a beautiful place, and they did more than just that. They were living it to the fullest. For showing us how the next-level is done, congratulations again to these lovebirds!


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