Axioo: Robb Susanto
Sep 13, 2019    |   By Robb
Never Out of Thin Air
courtesy of Winsen & Anna
"But true love isn’t found in an instant. It doesn’t magically appear out of thin air"

Choosing to love and commit to another person is a leap of faith.


Perhaps, in life, the aim isn’t to find someone who can smooth out the tracks for us.


Perhaps, in life, we are meant to find someone who would stick with us through all our ups and downs.


Perhaps, that is how we come to know true love.


True love is consistent. Its consistency comes naturally. Its nature is to nurture the bond that exists.


True love is hard to express but easy to feel. It understands and it gives freedom.


True love is unexpected. It pushes through when times are hard, when we are at our lows. In fact, it’s in these times that intimacy is built.


True love isn’t the kind of love that wants to keep having fun and quits when it gets boring.


True love is the kind of love that keeps on loving, expects nothing in return, reckless in its pursuit.


Let’s choose to be reckless in our love: to give generously, to take risks, and enjoy the ride.


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